Where Did the Word Sh!t Come From?


Where Did the Word SH!T Come From?

The word Sh!t is NOT a medical term.

In the 1800’s when shipping was the major way to transport items, they would haul manure in the hull of a ship. When sea water would inter act with the manure it would cause more methane gas, create a combustible explosion… not good for a wooden ship.

Someone suggested to haul manure on the deck, this way it would not burn the ship down & it would be easy to keep an watchful eye on it.

Hence a sign was placed near the manure that read:




Thus creating a new word in the English language!

 Now you know Where the Word Sh!t Came From

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What Can I Do to Keep My Colon Healthy?


After you have had a series of Colon Hydrotherapy you may want to keep your colon healthy by doing the following:

1). Take plenty of acidophilus each day

2). Drink water

3). Do a Castor oil pack

4). Exercise daily

5). Eat a healthy diet, be sure to eat at lease 60% RAW foods ( food that has NOT been cooked )

6). At any sign of bloating, gas and or constipation be sure make an appointment for Colon Hydrotherapy. 

These things should assist you in keeping a Healthy Colon in between visits.

How Often Should I have Colon Hydrotherapy?

This depends on your current elimination, goals and state of health. If you are experiencing constipation (lack of or no bowel movement daily) you may want to consider Colon Hydrotherapy. I suggest that all clients do a series of at least 3 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. This will consist of 2 days in a row & the 3rd session within a week. If you only receive 1 session it’s like going to the car wash & only getting your windows cleaned, a series of at least 3 sessions will help remove buildup toxin’s from the colon. Depending on your results from your Colon Hydrotherapy sessions and personal goals, will help determine how many other sessions you will require to obtain optimal health & balance.

Once you have reached your goal you will want to maintain your Colon Health by scheduling 3 Colon Hydrotherapy sessions every 4-6 months. This willl help remove toxin’s and keep you in optimial health & well being. Someone who experances chronic constipation ( no bowel movent for days ) will want to schedule several Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. There is not a simple answer for everyone, as we each have individual desires and goals. How often you desire Colon Hydrotherapy will be discussed with me as I offer free phone consultations, just call 480-239-2385

What’s the difference between Colon Hydrotherapy and Enema’s?

What’s the difference between Colon Hydrotherapy and Enema’s?

Colon hydrotherapy cleanse more of the colon, as an Enema will ONLY cleanse a small lower portion of the colon.

With an enema you have little to no control of the water pressure and amount of water administered into the colon.  Also thier could be a question of purity of the water.

Colon Hydrotherapy is safe and sanitary way to cleanse the colon. Filtered and Ultra Violet water is used to cleanse the colon.

With colon hydrotherapy there is no ordor or “having to hold” the water in the colon. It is a easy & comfortable process, the waste leaves the body and flows out into a sewer line ( just the same as flushing the toilet ) No clean up, fusss or mess.  By having Colon Hydrotherapy rather than an Enema you will detox more of the colon.


TOP 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH1. Drink plenty of WATER. Take your body weight and divide it in half, that is a amount of ounces you need per day.

For example you weigh 150 lbs you will need to drink 75 ounces of water per day. Be sure it is only WATER you are drinking, if you add lemon, lime or anything else to the WATER it does not count. Our body is made of 70% plus WATER. When you drink WATER your body will recognize the water and go through your system, when you add anything ( lemon, lime ect.) Your body knows it has to process this liquid differently. So be sure to drink plain Room temperature WATER daily.

2. ELIMINATE the USE OF THE MICROWAVE. The microwave kills the nutriants, vitamin & minerals form your food. Yes even “just warming it up” your food.

3. Use ONLY BETTER NEVER MARGERINE. Margarine is only one molicule from being plastic. Butter is a natural fat that out body can process & utilize.

4. ELIMINATE Alluium & Teflon cookware. Use Stainless Steel, Glass Corning Ware or Cast Iron. Toxins leach from your foods when you use these types of cookware.

5. Eat ORGANIC. Top foods you Should Always buy ORGANIC.

1) Green Leafy Vegtables

2) Strawberries

3). Peaches

4). Apples

5). Potatoes

 6).  Pears

7).  Carrots

8).  Grapes

9).  Cherries

10). Bell Peppers

Why De-Toxing is So Important

Many people wonder why it is so important to detox the colon.  Can you imagine a garbage disposal full of waste and it just sits there getting fuller and fuller?  Just like your colon, you eat and expel food daily and can leave residue inside your colon, this begins to act like  compost creating gas, bloating &  forming a toxic coat to the colon.

Toxins can come in may forms such as outdoor pollutants in traffic, work environments where chemicals & solvents are used.  Having your hair and nails done can be a high area of toxins.

When toxins find their way into your colon they act like magnets and adhere to the colon, grabbing whatever comes their way and attaches to the colon walls, thus creating toxic buildup.  You wan to get the toxins  removed as soon as you can to prevent illness, lack of energy and the beginning of ill health. Getting a series of Colon Hydrotherapy sessions is a good way to De-Tox   your colon.

A few signs of toxic build up can be: Tired  Bloated  Gas  Weight Gain  Constipation  Aches and Pains in the Abdomen


How Do I Know if I am Having a Normal Bowel Movement?

So many people ask this question.  What is normal?  What Size?  Color?  What Shape?  Most people watch Oprah and Dr Oz, and have heard of the S shaped poop!! Yes it is true your bowel movement should eliminate fast & quickly , without straining, pushing or discomfort,  A medium brown color like a brown paper bag is a normal stool color .  The consistency of toothpaste.  The colon should deliver a  2-3 banana shaped, non odorous 4 to 8 inch long stool.  This stool should leave the colon and enter the toilet water smoothly and effortlessly, this is consitered a normal bowel movement.  Once in the toilet it should descend slowly not plop and sink to the bottom nor float.  You should only need to wipe yourself once not keep wiping & smearing more toxins.

STOOL COLOR Is My Stool Normal?  Brown like a paper bag is in the normal range.  Greenish stool can mean you are passing food too quickly through the colon (diarrhea is often greenish).  Or perhaps you eat a good healthy raw diet that consists of green leafy vegetables, this would be a normal bowel movement for you.  Yellowish stool is also moving through the colon too quickly.  Grey and pale colored stool coud be undigested fats in the stool also greasy & shiny that may float.  An excessive use of antacids rolaids or tumms that contain aluminum hydroxide  can change the color of your stool.

SHAPE OF STOOL  If you are passing Ball shaped stool and they drop one at a time you may be a result of liver stagnation, lack of exercise and stress, all of which slows down your colon emptying properly.  Pencil or ribbon shaped stool could be a deficiency of the spleen, overwork and stress is the main cause as well as too much fried food, dairy and or even too many cold liquids.  You may consider a blockage or major  impaction.  Floater or sticking to the toilet sides could be too much fat, fried or greasy foods in the diet.  Soft or very smelly & heavy odor can mean too many fats in the small intestine, chronic stress, immune deficiency, diabetes, lack of fiber and use of oral contraceptives and or other drugs.  White Mucus can be seen with either diarrhea or constipation.  Normal bowel function is not appearant here.  Loose stools an bloating may be signs of Ancient Chinese medicine usually called “Spleen Qi deficiency”  This is linked to weak digestion brought on by stress tiredness and a poor diet, which is not consistant with normal bowel function.  A good ‘S” shaped stool, brown in color 4-6 inches is a normal bowel movement.     Remember to drink pleanty of water.

If you are in the restroom for more than a few minutes or you have time to read, it’s time for Colon Hydrotherapy.


I Have Diarrhea Most of The Time.

Diarrhea is actually hidden constipation!  Does food tend to just “run right through you”?  Do you find your stool is runny & watery? Our colons become so thick and full of impacted fecal matter in the colon that out colon walls are unable to remove moisture from our food that it passes right through us and we are not absorbing the nutrients in the foods we eat. You food then races past the hard impacted fecal matter clinging to your colon walls.  You will continue to have diarrhea until you detox the colon.   I suggest you remove the impacted fecal matter in the colon with colon hydrotherapy sessions followed by a Reflorastation Session. Read more about Reflorastating the colon in other posts.

Can I Just Take Laxatives?

Taking laxatives is just a band aide for colon issues. Laxatives will only remove some fecal matter from the colon, they tend to liquefy the stool, create cramping and leave old, hard impacted toxins in the colon.  Have you ever noticed in a store there is a whole isle for Colon Cleanse, Stool Softeners and other Colon aides?  Well that is because most people have colon issues and want a quick fit.  Which is why Colon products is the 2nd largest over the counter item sold without a prescription!! Colon care products are a multi-billion dollar business in the US today!!   Any wonder Colon Cancer is the #2 killer today.

Taking laxatives usually makes people dependent on them or they cannot have a bowel movement.  Being dependent on anything other than your own body to release & remove toxins can be unhealthy for you especially your colon.  Built up colon products like pysilum seed, husks or powders lead to blockage of the colon and may need to be removed surgically .

There can be side effects on the colon and your body if you are taking prescription drugs, some laxatives cannot be taken if you are on bone drugs as they block calcium absorption.  They also contain large amounts of sugars which will irritate the colon and add calories.  You may also experience rectal itching, stomach discomfort, bloating colon, gas and cramping.

If you  “HAVE TO”  take any type of laxative to have a bowel movement call now for your appointment  480 239 2385  Remember Your #2 Is Your #1 Priority  I Can Help

How Long Does it Take To Digest My Food?

Many clients wonder how long does it takes for my food to exit my colon?  After you eat you should eliminate your food in 18-24 hours.  If you digest too fast you are not absorbing nutrients. If  the food is passing thought the colon too quickly, you will not get the benefits of what you ate.  A few ways to know how do I know when I eliminated my meal.

1). Eat some corn (only if you are not allergic to corn) it will pass through the colon the same way as you ate it… whole.

2).  Take 4 or 5 Charcoal capsules with 8oz water ( write down the time you took them, preferably after a meal) , as the charcoal passes through the colon and exits your stool will be black like tar, note the time it took to see black tar-like stool. This will tell you how long the food has traveled through the colon.  If it takes longer than 24 hours you may want to make an appointment for Colon Hydrotherapy Session.

During a session I noticed corn as my client released, my client said no it can’t be corn.  Once again later in the session I saw more corn, I asked the client “Why do you say it can’t be corn”?  My client stated that she had an allergy test 6 months ago and found she was allergic to corn and has not eaten corn in the past 6 months!!!  She took 6 months for her to digest her food.