Reflorastation for the COLON

This treatment is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to keep a healthy Colon

This treatment is designed so the body’s elimination system, when properly maintained, is more capable of healing itself and supporting the body in its daily functions. Healthy eliminations are of utmost importance. Wastes are then expelled regularly and efficiently. Maintaining a clean, well-functioning, rebalanced colon is one key to vibrant health.  This is accomplished by 1) cleansing the colon of toxins and fecal material, 2) re-establishing a slightly acidic (pH of 5.7-6.9) environment, 3) introducing effective strains of sufficient quantity of  probiotics to reclaim the area and 4) nourishing this new intestinal flora with proper nutrition. The normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract contains diverse groups of microorganisms.

Research studies have shown bowel reflorastation through rectal infusion of lactic acid producing microorganisms plays an important role in health.The proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria is tested for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

There are 20 varieties blended to assist in the colon’s ability to perform its functions correctly and completely. They colonize in one hour and stabilize in three days. In this way, it supports the homeodynamic balance of the GI tract as well at the liver, kidneys, and immune system.

Be sure call and make your appointment for a ReflorastationTreatment it only takes 15 minute’s.  I highly recommend a colon hydrotherapy session first.  You want to be sure to begin this treatment with a clean colon, however it is not mandatory.

From the work of:     Victoria Bowmann, PhD, DHM

Also check out her book You Gotta Have Guts