Can I Just Take Laxatives?

Taking laxatives is just a band aide for colon issues. Laxatives will only remove some fecal matter from the colon, they tend to liquefy the stool, create cramping and leave old, hard impacted toxins in the colon.  Have you ever noticed in a store there is a whole isle for Colon Cleanse, Stool Softeners and other Colon aides?  Well that is because most people have colon issues and want a quick fit.  Which is why Colon products is the 2nd largest over the counter item sold without a prescription!! Colon care products are a multi-billion dollar business in the US today!!   Any wonder Colon Cancer is the #2 killer today.

Taking laxatives usually makes people dependent on them or they cannot have a bowel movement.  Being dependent on anything other than your own body to release & remove toxins can be unhealthy for you especially your colon.  Built up colon products like pysilum seed, husks or powders lead to blockage of the colon and may need to be removed surgically .

There can be side effects on the colon and your body if you are taking prescription drugs, some laxatives cannot be taken if you are on bone drugs as they block calcium absorption.  They also contain large amounts of sugars which will irritate the colon and add calories.  You may also experience rectal itching, stomach discomfort, bloating colon, gas and cramping.

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