About MaryAnn

MaryAnn Shearer as a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist has many years of experience with colon hydrotherapy and is well versed in the benefits of this treatment. Using state of the art equipment, the water she uses is filtrated four times then treated with UV light. This results in the cleanest water available for use. This machine is equipped with pressure and temperature gauges so that we have full control of the water used during sessions. She is understanding and is skilled at applying gentle pressure. She offers many educational and helpful ways in assisting you to obtain your health goals.  You will gain a better understanding of how your digestion works (or why issues occur ) and how to stay healthy.  She has a great passion for her clients and has much to share to be sure you have a pleasant & enjoyable experience.  Remember Your #2 Is Your #1 Priority  I Can Help

I have seen MaryAnn a couple times (2 sessions of 2 or 3 treatments) to clean out my colon. I’m an average 57 year old guy who is making an effort to do what i can to live a healthy lifestyle (Wasn’t always that way) so my remaining years will be good ones. Improved diet and short fasts are part of my methodology. When i thought about colon hydrotherapy it just made sense to try it; I’ve been running some pretty questionable stuff (normal food) through my system for 57 years, and flushing it out occasionally just made sense to me. I tried a couple other Arizona colon hydrotherapists in the Phoenix area a year ago and was impressed with the results and the lack of discomfort and mess. I’m a sunbird so i go back to Washington state for the summer and have made a decision to do colon hydrotherapy sessions twice a year, before leaving and upon arriving in Arizona. Last fall, I met MaryAnn through some friends and did a 2 session hydrotherapy with her.

MaryAnn is very professional and personable, a great combo for this kind of thing. Colon hydrotherapy turned out to be very different (for the better) than i thought it would be. Like i said I’m just an average guy, retired military, trying to take care of himself. I’m not a big fan of having things stuck in my butt, but after talking to some people I decided to try it. The equipment is very clean and non-invasive; you take in water and then eliminate it through the same tube (valves and water direction and stuff) so there’s no mess. I felt only a slight pressure, not cramps or pain, when taking in water. MaryAnn does an excellent job of regulating her gadgets, mild stomach massage and talking you through the whole procedure (She’ll shut up if you want her to, your decision). I recommend colon hydrotherapy, and especially MaryAnn Shearer as a colon hydro therapist.”
– Tim, Washington State


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