Reflorastation for the COLON

This treatment is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to keep a healthy Colon

This treatment is designed so the body’s elimination system, when properly maintained, is more capable of healing itself and supporting the body in its daily functions. Healthy eliminations are of utmost importance. Wastes are then expelled regularly and efficiently. Maintaining a clean, well-functioning, rebalanced colon is one key to vibrant health.  This is accomplished by 1) cleansing the colon of toxins and fecal material, 2) re-establishing a slightly acidic (pH of 5.7-6.9) environment, 3) introducing effective strains of sufficient quantity of  probiotics to reclaim the area and 4) nourishing this new intestinal flora with proper nutrition. The normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract contains diverse groups of microorganisms.

Research studies have shown bowel reflorastation through rectal infusion of lactic acid producing microorganisms plays an important role in health.The proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria is tested for safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

There are 20 varieties blended to assist in the colon’s ability to perform its functions correctly and completely. They colonize in one hour and stabilize in three days. In this way, it supports the homeodynamic balance of the GI tract as well at the liver, kidneys, and immune system.

Be sure call and make your appointment for a ReflorastationTreatment it only takes 15 minute’s.  I highly recommend a colon hydrotherapy session first.  You want to be sure to begin this treatment with a clean colon, however it is not mandatory.

From the work of:     Victoria Bowmann, PhD, DHM

Also check out her book You Gotta Have Guts



Where Did the Word Sh!t Come From?


Where Did the Word SH!T Come From?

The word Sh!t is NOT a medical term.

In the 1800’s when shipping was the major way to transport items, they would haul manure in the hull of a ship. When sea water would inter act with the manure it would cause more methane gas, create a combustible explosion… not good for a wooden ship.

Someone suggested to haul manure on the deck, this way it would not burn the ship down & it would be easy to keep an watchful eye on it.

Hence a sign was placed near the manure that read:




Thus creating a new word in the English language!

 Now you know Where the Word Sh!t Came From

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Can I Just Take Laxatives?

Taking laxatives is just a band aide for colon issues. Laxatives will only remove some fecal matter from the colon, they tend to liquefy the stool, create cramping and leave old, hard impacted toxins in the colon.  Have you ever noticed in a store there is a whole isle for Colon Cleanse, Stool Softeners and other Colon aides?  Well that is because most people have colon issues and want a quick fit.  Which is why Colon products is the 2nd largest over the counter item sold without a prescription!! Colon care products are a multi-billion dollar business in the US today!!   Any wonder Colon Cancer is the #2 killer today.

Taking laxatives usually makes people dependent on them or they cannot have a bowel movement.  Being dependent on anything other than your own body to release & remove toxins can be unhealthy for you especially your colon.  Built up colon products like pysilum seed, husks or powders lead to blockage of the colon and may need to be removed surgically .

There can be side effects on the colon and your body if you are taking prescription drugs, some laxatives cannot be taken if you are on bone drugs as they block calcium absorption.  They also contain large amounts of sugars which will irritate the colon and add calories.  You may also experience rectal itching, stomach discomfort, bloating colon, gas and cramping.

If you  “HAVE TO”  take any type of laxative to have a bowel movement call now for your appointment  480 239 2385  Remember Your #2 Is Your #1 Priority  I Can Help

How Long Does it Take To Digest My Food?

Many clients wonder how long does it takes for my food to exit my colon?  After you eat you should eliminate your food in 18-24 hours.  If you digest too fast you are not absorbing nutrients. If  the food is passing thought the colon too quickly, you will not get the benefits of what you ate.  A few ways to know how do I know when I eliminated my meal.

1). Eat some corn (only if you are not allergic to corn) it will pass through the colon the same way as you ate it… whole.

2).  Take 4 or 5 Charcoal capsules with 8oz water ( write down the time you took them, preferably after a meal) , as the charcoal passes through the colon and exits your stool will be black like tar, note the time it took to see black tar-like stool. This will tell you how long the food has traveled through the colon.  If it takes longer than 24 hours you may want to make an appointment for Colon Hydrotherapy Session.

During a session I noticed corn as my client released, my client said no it can’t be corn.  Once again later in the session I saw more corn, I asked the client “Why do you say it can’t be corn”?  My client stated that she had an allergy test 6 months ago and found she was allergic to corn and has not eaten corn in the past 6 months!!!  She took 6 months for her to digest her food.