How Do I Know if I am Having a Normal Bowel Movement?

So many people ask this question.  What is normal?  What Size?  Color?  What Shape?  Most people watch Oprah and Dr Oz, and have heard of the S shaped poop!! Yes it is true your bowel movement should eliminate fast & quickly , without straining, pushing or discomfort,  A medium brown color like a brown paper bag is a normal stool color .  The consistency of toothpaste.  The colon should deliver a  2-3 banana shaped, non odorous 4 to 8 inch long stool.  This stool should leave the colon and enter the toilet water smoothly and effortlessly, this is consitered a normal bowel movement.  Once in the toilet it should descend slowly not plop and sink to the bottom nor float.  You should only need to wipe yourself once not keep wiping & smearing more toxins.

STOOL COLOR Is My Stool Normal?  Brown like a paper bag is in the normal range.  Greenish stool can mean you are passing food too quickly through the colon (diarrhea is often greenish).  Or perhaps you eat a good healthy raw diet that consists of green leafy vegetables, this would be a normal bowel movement for you.  Yellowish stool is also moving through the colon too quickly.  Grey and pale colored stool coud be undigested fats in the stool also greasy & shiny that may float.  An excessive use of antacids rolaids or tumms that contain aluminum hydroxide  can change the color of your stool.

SHAPE OF STOOL  If you are passing Ball shaped stool and they drop one at a time you may be a result of liver stagnation, lack of exercise and stress, all of which slows down your colon emptying properly.  Pencil or ribbon shaped stool could be a deficiency of the spleen, overwork and stress is the main cause as well as too much fried food, dairy and or even too many cold liquids.  You may consider a blockage or major  impaction.  Floater or sticking to the toilet sides could be too much fat, fried or greasy foods in the diet.  Soft or very smelly & heavy odor can mean too many fats in the small intestine, chronic stress, immune deficiency, diabetes, lack of fiber and use of oral contraceptives and or other drugs.  White Mucus can be seen with either diarrhea or constipation.  Normal bowel function is not appearant here.  Loose stools an bloating may be signs of Ancient Chinese medicine usually called “Spleen Qi deficiency”  This is linked to weak digestion brought on by stress tiredness and a poor diet, which is not consistant with normal bowel function.  A good ‘S” shaped stool, brown in color 4-6 inches is a normal bowel movement.     Remember to drink pleanty of water.

If you are in the restroom for more than a few minutes or you have time to read, it’s time for Colon Hydrotherapy.