Colon Hydrotherapy It’s A MIRACLE!

When I first met the Reverend I saw a old man hunched over unable to walk by himself being assisted by a man & women.  He appeared to be in his 80’s.  He was being treated by a Naturpathic  Doctor for some type a toxicity..

A few days later her was receiving his first Colon Hydrotherapy session.  He was being assisted by 2 men, they helped him to the restroom, helped him with his gown and got him on the massage table.  The Reverend needed to stay on his rightside and I gave him is session on his side.  He was very tired & slept through most of the session.  I had a hard time hearing him  and he could barely speak. When the session was over he again received assistance from the 2 young men, helping him in the restroom & getting hm dressed.  The next day the client had his second session and also he was receiving a I.V. ( to assist toxicity removal )  He  felt much better and was more alert and talkative.  I learned he was only 69 years old and came from another state to receive treatment for toxicity.  He was still getting assistance to and from the massage table and restroom before & after his Colon Hydrotherapy session.

Here comes the Miracle…..  The 3rd session has just Amazing.  Not only was the client alert he was talking!  After the session he was assisted into the restroom, while waiting for him to be finished I was talking with the 2 young men.  They were sharing that The Reverend was doing much better after all his De-toxing.  I then heard a noise and asked one of the gentlemen to check on The Rev.  Well to all our surprise The Rev opened the bathroom door and walk out without assistance or help!  It was a truly a Miracle to see such an improvement in just one week of Detoxing. 

In the next few weeks The Rev was doing so well that he was able to play his trumpet in church the following Sunday.   It’s A Miracle!!     Colon Hydrotherapy has helped many people.  Remember Your #2  Is your #1  Priorty  I can Help!