What are Probiotics and Do I Need Them?

Probiotics are designed to promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive system.  You may not realize that antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria in our body. However the use of Probiotics promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in our body. Everyone can benefit from taking probiotics daily. The term antibiotic means “against life” while probiotics  means “for life’  These  organisms can be called intestinal flora, micro flora, or gut flora. I like to think of probiotics as GPS Gut Protection System, as they protect and feed the gut with healthy organisms.  For centuries our ancestors have been using Natural probiotics in thier diet, these foods include kim chee, miso, yogurts, kefir sour cream & cheese and sauerkraut.  Fermented foods are rich in probiotics.  If you are not interested in eating these food you can make an appointment for a Reflorastation Treatment.  There are 20 know friendly bifida that are administered into the colon they colonize within one hour and stabilize in only 3 days, this will help support the homeodynamcbalance of the GI tract as well as the liver,kidneys and immune system. Ths process s only $30. and the appointment  takes less than a half hour  For more info see the download brochure 2.  Probiotcs will make a huge difference in your health. Take care of your body, feel healthyier and look radiant with Probiotcs in your diet and life.