What is a Colon?

A lot of people ask me what is a colon?  Some think that the entire stomach and intestines are the colon.

When you hear colon, intestine and or bowels you are talking about the same thing.  The small intestine is 25-30 feet the size of a tennis court!! Our large intestine is 5-5 1/2 feet .  This is the area where we eliminate foods we eat.  You eat a meal and the food travels to your stomach then goes to your small intestine and it is in liquid form, 90% of the nutrients vitamins & minerals are absorbed here.   From the small intestine it travels through the Ileo cecal valve to the large intestine up the ascending colon mind you it’s still in liquid form, the last 10% of nutrients  vitamins & minerals are absorbed here.  It passes through the transverse colon ( top part of colon) and starts to form a firm stool. Now it goes down the descending colon to the sigmoid and exits the rectum.  Your meal is free at last!  See  post on How long does it  take to digest my food?