“Without hesitation I recommend MaryAnn as a Colon Hydrotherapist. I have had Colon Hydrotherapy in the past and am familiar with the process. My experience with MaryAnn was far the most educational and comfortable. I love MaryAnn’s passion for her work, as well as her concern for my personal comfort and modesty. After having a couple of sessions with MaryAnn I referred others and will continue to do so. Blessings,” KC Miller

“I have had Colon Hydrotherapy in the past and was pleased to find Mary Ann. Recently I have had some teeth issues and have been unable to see a dentist, I have a difficult time chewing my food. During my session with Mary Ann she commented on some undigested foods, I was a bit doubtful. Until we both saw several cubes in the observation tube, she asked if I had eaten tofu. I told her I had not, but remembered the pork I have eaten. I was shocked to see the cubes of pork exit my body.

Mary Ann explained that not only did the pork not digest properly, but I was not getting the nutrients I should be getting when the foods exit my body without breaking down . I am now a big believer not only for Colon Hydrotherapy sessions, but also proper dental care. Thank you for such an educational session. I will be back!” – Patti “Pork”

“Colon hydrotherapy has helped me quickly improve my health. Before having this treatment, I had gained weight and could not lose a pound, despite dieting. I had chronic joint inflammation, which I learned was caused by gluten intolerance. After just 3 sessions, my health improved. After 6 sessions, I had remarkably improved. Both the inflammation and food cravings almost disappeared. MaryAnn is extremely knowledgeable and professional and makes the process more comfortable than I expected it would be.” – A.F., Phoenix, AZ

colon hydrotherapy at age 91“I have just celebrated my 91st birthday and I feel terrific. I have been interested in good health for over 50 years. I eat well, light exercise and have Colon Hydrotherapy sessions. Back in the 50’s I began reading Dr Norman Walker books and remember “Death begins in the colon” !! Oh my what a startling thought. Soon after I found out about Dr Edgar Cayce and his works. I was interested in his studies and reading what I could about my health. I attended a Edgar Cayce event in Tempe where I found MaryAnn’s brochure and was delighted to find a Colon hydrotherapist. I drive 78 miles round trip to see her and it is really worth it. I feel great when I leave her office and know it helps me to have optimal health. I highly suggest you see MaryAnn, her process is gentle and educational as well. MaryAnn offers information and health tips and is always willing to take my calls and answer any questions I have. I look forward to my next visit.”
– Tia Perlman (91 years young!!)