Colon Hydrotherapy It’s A MIRACLE!

When I first met the Reverend I saw a old man hunched over unable to walk by himself being assisted by a man & women.  He appeared to be in his 80’s.  He was being treated by a Naturpathic  Doctor for some type a toxicity..

A few days later her was receiving his first Colon Hydrotherapy session.  He was being assisted by 2 men, they helped him to the restroom, helped him with his gown and got him on the massage table.  The Reverend needed to stay on his rightside and I gave him is session on his side.  He was very tired & slept through most of the session.  I had a hard time hearing him  and he could barely speak. When the session was over he again received assistance from the 2 young men, helping him in the restroom & getting hm dressed.  The next day the client had his second session and also he was receiving a I.V. ( to assist toxicity removal )  He  felt much better and was more alert and talkative.  I learned he was only 69 years old and came from another state to receive treatment for toxicity.  He was still getting assistance to and from the massage table and restroom before & after his Colon Hydrotherapy session.

Here comes the Miracle…..  The 3rd session has just Amazing.  Not only was the client alert he was talking!  After the session he was assisted into the restroom, while waiting for him to be finished I was talking with the 2 young men.  They were sharing that The Reverend was doing much better after all his De-toxing.  I then heard a noise and asked one of the gentlemen to check on The Rev.  Well to all our surprise The Rev opened the bathroom door and walk out without assistance or help!  It was a truly a Miracle to see such an improvement in just one week of Detoxing. 

In the next few weeks The Rev was doing so well that he was able to play his trumpet in church the following Sunday.   It’s A Miracle!!     Colon Hydrotherapy has helped many people.  Remember Your #2  Is your #1  Priorty  I can Help!

Colon Hydrotherapy and Candida

Colon Hydrotherapy is a great way to reduce & clear Candida from the colon.  You may wonder  WHAT IS CANDIDA?   First of all I want to say,  many people have Candida  in their gut.  Candida Albicans( Candidiasis ) is described as a fungal over-growth in the colon which can cause many health issues.  Candida use usually found in the colon, but has been found in the throat, esophagus, the sinuses  and even the belly button! Candida is deep rooted in our tissues & organs.

What causes Candida?  Oral contraceptives, refined carbohydrates, sugars and overuse of antibiotics. Poor diet S.A.D. Standard American Diet (junk foods sugar & starch)  Having Colon Hydrotherapy will help remove the toxic Candida, however there is more to do to totally remove Candida from the body.

What are the symptoms of Candida?  How would I know if I have Candida?

Stomach is sore most of the time     Constipation and or darrhea    Mouth ulcers  Athletes foot and or jock itch    Vaginal discharge and or “outbreaks”    Heart beats fast  Feel weak all over   Nervous more than usual    Ears itch   Had Bladder infections   Frequent urge to urinate   Use Hydro cortisone type items  Sensitive to cigarette fumes and chemical smells   Lost interest in  activities such as day to day responsabilites  decrease or loss of sexual desire   Crave Sugars  Alcohol  Beer Wine and Spirits  Breads Pastries    Issues thinking clearly or  concentrating   Chronic rashes & itchng   Have  skin or nail fungal   Bruise easily    Numbness or tingling Sick stomach and or nausea    Joints and muscles  ache most of the time   Headaches   Post nasal drip or nasal congestion   Cough more frequently            These are some of the symptoms.  If you are experiencing 10 or more of these symptoms you may have Candida and may wish to go on a Candida diet and have Colon Hydrotherapy sessions right away   YOU CAN DO A SELF TEST AT HOME to see if you actually have Candida.

Upon rising in the morning take a clear glass and fill with water.  Spit your saliva a few times in the water glass..Do not drink anything or brush your teeth ( until you spit )  Look at glass every 10-15 minutes for about an hour.  Your saliva should be gone.  If saliva has vanished  CONGRATULATIONS No Candida, however should you find cloudy saliva, thick mass of mucus-like stringy webs   and jellyfish looking particles or anything resting on the bottom of glass perhaps you have Candida.  Be sure to make your Colon Hydrotherapy   as soon as possible.  I will offer you health tips and a  proper diet to assist you to rid your body of Candida.


Colon Hydrotherapy & Dentistry

Is Colon Hydrotherapy & Dentistry important?  YES!!!   There has been many studies regarding Colon Care  and  your mouth. Your  teeth play an important role in Optimal Health.  In Homeopathy studies sub-lingual ( under the tongue ) correlates with everything you put in your mouth,  then goes directly into your system.  If you have your teeth cleaned the bacteria can go straight into your blood system thus creating health issues. It is highly recommend that you have Colon Hydrotherapy after every dental appointment.  Not only does Colon Hydrotherapy clean your colon it helps strengthens your immune system. The Germans have studied the teeth &  find that every tooth is connect with some part of your body, another reason to have a  healthy dental lifestyle along with Colon Hydrotherapy.  If you would like more information regarding this subject contact me.  Be sure when choosing a dentist that you find a Bio Identical Dentist.  There are two great dentist’s in the same office where I am, you can have your teeth worked on &  then have a Colon Hydrotherapy session all in one day, saves you time from  traveling around the valley. We can work on you from both ends!   I tell my clients to be sure to chew their foods well, many times I see un-chewed, whole pieces & chunks of  your meal.  Digestion begins in the mouth, I suggest not drinking anything 15 minutes before or after a meal as your saliva is the first stage of digestion.  When you dilute your food by drinking liquids the digest process is slowed way down and the saliva can’t do it’s job properly.  Also if you don’t chew well you will not get the benefits of the nutrient’sfrom the food, thus no real value in what you ate.  Now you may understand the benefits of  Colon Hydrotherapy & Dentistry.  Remember Your #2 Is Your #1 Priority.  I CAN HELP

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Toxic Colon Causes Ill Health

Having a toxic colon can lead to ill health as printed in headlines in US News & World Report.  Visualise your odds of getting a deadly pneumonia by 400%.  The results of an antacid study of 500,000 people & 149 doctors came to the  little know conclusion.  Those people who have been  taking acid-suppressing over the counter( OTC) were 4.5 times more likely to get pneumonia than those who have not.   People are always searching for ways to get a quick fix for most ailments thus they take many OTC items they can get their hands on.  Aware of the built up toxins can cause illness we find OTC antacids easy to take & hopeful they will help. 

From The Associated Press and The Washington Post Health states “Arthritis drug users who take antacids may risk bleeding.”

The People’s Medical Society stated “Remember, antacids merely mask symptoms instead of handling the real problem, which could be serious.  There are ‘alarm’ symptoms which we tend to ignore.” Kidding yourself kills.

Doctors say “one bowel movement a day isn’t enough to keep your intestines clean, as food rots in you”.  Your digestive system is your body’s food processor.  Your digestive system is responsible for delivering vitamins & nutrition to your entire body. If your system isn’t working 100%, then your organs, cells,nerves, blood and muscles are NOT getting 100% of the nutrition that s needed to have a healthy body & disease free life.  As you can see toxins play a huge part in our health.  Sluggish bowels  (less than 2 bowel movements daily) can cause  bloating and gas, this is just the beginning of toxic build up that can  contribute to serious illness and diseases.    Be sure that Colon Hydrotherapy is a part of your total health program to help elimanate toxic buld up.  Probiotcs and Reflorastation are great balances for your colon care.

What are Probiotics and Do I Need Them?

Probiotics are designed to promote the growth of friendly bacteria in the digestive system.  You may not realize that antibiotics are drugs that kill bacteria in our body. However the use of Probiotics promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in our body. Everyone can benefit from taking probiotics daily. The term antibiotic means “against life” while probiotics  means “for life’  These  organisms can be called intestinal flora, micro flora, or gut flora. I like to think of probiotics as GPS Gut Protection System, as they protect and feed the gut with healthy organisms.  For centuries our ancestors have been using Natural probiotics in thier diet, these foods include kim chee, miso, yogurts, kefir sour cream & cheese and sauerkraut.  Fermented foods are rich in probiotics.  If you are not interested in eating these food you can make an appointment for a Reflorastation Treatment.  There are 20 know friendly bifida that are administered into the colon they colonize within one hour and stabilize in only 3 days, this will help support the homeodynamcbalance of the GI tract as well as the liver,kidneys and immune system. Ths process s only $30. and the appointment  takes less than a half hour  For more info see the download brochure 2.  Probiotcs will make a huge difference in your health. Take care of your body, feel healthyier and look radiant with Probiotcs in your diet and life.